Our Story

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“This is an opportunity for every individual who as always wanted to learn how to make cloths, but you don’t have enough time, or flexibility.”

Omowunmi Adebayo, Creative Director

Who We Are

WC is a fashion brand that makes all form of female clothing. WC has been in existence for about 9 years with vast experience and knowledge in garment production.

I am here to introduce to you the WC Academy an offshoot of the WC training school which has been in existence for about four years and we have graduated about 60 students . We run both weekday and weekend programs concurrently.

Now we have decided to take our training online, why you may ask?

  1. Flexibilty: We have realized that cramming people with different lifestyles into one schedule at a physical location is a difficult task in itself , compounded with the traffic situation in Lagos. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur causing students to miss classes; it is quite tedious and tasking for tutors to repeat classes with such student.
  2. Different people tend to assimilate differently. For some students ,you have to go through the same point several times before it sticks while others grasp immediately.
  3. Consistency: With time People tend to forget their lessons, so you can always refer to the video to remind you.

Our Mission


Access to on-demand training resources on fashion to new and professional designers

Meet Our Team